Outside the Box photoshoot…

Sometimes I get an idea in my head and look for that special person to fill the spot. Well…I met this beautiful and unique person and I said…she’s the one! I asked her if she would indulge me in a special photoshoot in downtown Columbia. She said YES and we were off. I am grateful for her willingness to take off with my vision! Garrett was a big help carrying the bags as we trotted downtown and changed outfits. I now have two new great friends and I know we will do more sessions in the future! Here are some of my favorites.

Random Model Shoot- Ali

About once a year I choose a random stranger that has just the right look that I want to photograph. Miss Ali said yes and did not disapoint as we walked downtown Columbia looking for just the right spots to capture her unique look. We had such a great time and I know we will have more sessions in the future! More to come…follow our page on FB and our blog at http://www.bphotographed.net.


Always such a pleasure to capture lifelong memories for the Rikards as their family grows. This is our third cake smash we have done and first one outside. They are always so much fun. Levi, Rhett and Harper helped so much getting it all set up. When you are out at The Farm you never know what you will come across…did I tell I don’t like snakes…well we found about a 7 foot king snake watching in the weeds. Yikes!. Thanks to Preston he took care of it for us! After that we were able to capture some beautiful images.

Cake smash at the farm-Levi

I love to photograph 1st Birthday cake smashes…and this one was so special with Levi because he likes to be outside! How do you get all the cake and icing off….well you put them in the washtub and add a few bubbles…. levi had a ball! Big brother Rhett had to get in on the fun as well!

Mitchell Family

It was such a pleasure to photograph the Mitchell family at their family property recently. It was so peaceful and quiet. The perfect place to capture memories. Zachary just graduated and we wish him well in his future. We loved meeting Zachary and Bailey’s dogs. They posed so well for us but they were a handful! We thank John for his service to our country and to Lori for always holding down the fort.

Weston – 9 months old

It’s hard to believe that our sweet Weston is 9 months old already. He and Charlie are the best of buddies. He has so much personality and is the happiest baby boy! Saw some pretty wildflowers and thought why not take some pictures there. Meme and Pop Pop love you to the moon!