Session Preparation

Preparing for your Preschooler’s Session

  1. Choose clothing carefully.  Many of our sessions will include full length images so please be mindful of pants and shoes.  White or light colors clothing should be avoided if possible.
  2. Children love stickers and artificial tattoos, but those become a distraction in your child’s picture, so make sure to remove them before the session.
  3. If the session is an outdoor session, please be mindful that we may use hairspray, bobby pins, etc. to keep flyaway hair at bay.

Preparing for your Family Session

  1. Choose clothing carefully. We recommend a coordinated look while avoiding looking the same. Think similar, coordinating colors with plaids and stripes and solids, but with the a pop of color here and there.
  2. Children are always at their best if they are rested and fed. While it is best to shoot a few hours before sunset or right after the sun rises, if you have a little one that will be unhappy at those times, please let us know. We want your children to be at their best when we capture their beautiful smiles. We can always choose a location with shady options so that we can shoot any time of day.
  3. Don’t be afraid of candid photos. While we do some posing during your session, a lot of it will be very natural interactive moments between you and your family. If your child is seeming uncooperative and not wanting to look at the camera, continue laughing and playing.
  4. Pack a little bag of necessities. I recommend bringing some type of little snack just in case your children need a break (non-messy snacks like goldfish or pretzels are great), a favorite toy and an outfit change just in case!