How do I book a session?

Go to the Request A Session page on our website, complete the information, and submit your request.  We will contact you by phone to discuss your session in detail.

What about a contract?

Once both parties have agreed on the session details, we will email you a link to our contract. Once you agree to the contract, you can sign it online.  Your invoice is referenced in the contract as it contains details about your session.

How do I arrange payment?

We will email you a link to our contract and the associated invoice.  Invoices are typically billed in two installments.  The first installment is a non-refundable 40% retainer to hold your date and time and the second is the balance due by the date of your session. We accept payment by credit/debit card as well as check.   We can provide other installment options, just let us know and we’ll be happy to discuss them with you.

Do you travel?  

Yes.  Our fee includes travel by car to any location within 30 miles of our studio.  An additional fee is required for travel by car beyond 30 miles from our studio.  Mileage is calculated using the the one way mileage from the studio to the session location, excluding the first 30 miles, and doubling that mileage to calculate the “to and from” mileage (total one way mileage – 30 miles) * 2).  The per mile rate is based on the IRS Standard Mileage Rate published for the current year which is rounded to the next whole cent when necessary.

Travel other than by car will be billed based the actual cost of travel including transportation, lodging, and meals   Contact us for more travel information.

How will my images be delivered?

We provide and online gallery containing your professionally editing images.  We will email you the link and password information once your gallery is ready.  If you session includes digital images, they will be available for download from the gallery.  You will also be able to purchase prints and products from the gallery.

How long will the online gallery be available.

Two weeks from the date we provide you access to your gallery.

Can I re-activate the online gallery

Yes you can, however a fee of $25 is required to reactivate an online gallery after it expires.

How do I get printed images?

Professional prints can be ordered through your online gallery. The professional print labs are highly reputable and provide prints at a much higher quality than those from discount stores. All prints can be ordered and delivered right to your doorstep.

Do I get all the images that you capture during our session?

No, while we may take hundreds of images during the session, there will always be some that will not be in focus, eyes open, exposed correctly, etc. During the post-processing we cull all these images out. Your invoice will indicate the number of images you will receive from your session.

Session Changes…may I change the date?

Mother nature is so unpredictable, so in the case of bad weather or unexpected illness we can reschedule your session. We will touch base the day of the session if weather isn’t cooperating. A 24 hour notice is appreciated in the event of illness.

May I schedule sessions on Saturday or Sunday?

Sundays are a day of rest for us and our family.  If a Sunday session is preferred, there will be an additional fee of $75.00 added to the invoice.

Can I order a CD/DVD/Flash Drive of my images as well as the purchased digital files?

We provide a digital download of images allowing you to place those images on any media that you choose.  However, if you prefer that we manually create the media for you, there will be an additional $50 fee.