Hello! We are Bert and Brenda Young and we love capturing moments of everyday life and special events through photography.  We are most relaxed in outdoor settings; capturing your loved ones a moment at a time with God’s beautiful creation as a backdrop. We love to explore the outdoors and travel. We love the serenity of the sand between our toes and the sound of the waves at the beach. We love to visit lighthouses capturing their history and beauty and capturing images of God’s creatures big and small.

Brenda is a self-taught professional photographer and has always had a passion for  photography.  She is a retired cosmetologist.   Bert is a retired IT executive and a photographer in training!

We are small town folks and are thankful for the blessings in our life and for the trials that have brought us to where we are today. We are parents to three pretty wonderful daughters and grandparents to five handsome wild and crazy grandsons. We wouldn’t have it any other  way!

From Hobby to Business

Photography has always been a hobby.  As our grandchildren grew, so did our hobby as we invested more in education, cameras, props, and equipment. We’ve always loved taking pictures of family, friends, lighthouses, and wildlife using God’s provided lighting.

While planning for retirement, our financial adviser asked: “Do you have something that you love that can keep you busy?”  We thought, well we love to take pictures and we have all the stuff, so we’ll start a photography business.  It wasn’t as simple as it sounded, but here we are!

The Bphotographed Name and Bee Logo

We’ve been married 35+ years and through the years we began addressing anniversary cards and birthday cards to each other simply as “B”.  So the “B” and the word “photographed” came to represent “be photographed” and voila Bphotographed became our business name.

Feel free to take a tour of the website and Facebook page to see our work and if you need something to be photographed…well you know… contact us!