Cotton Fields – Thompson

It took quite a while to get all the schedules together but we finally were able to capture this beautiful family at the cotton fields. Friends forever and always. It has been such a blessing to watch the boys grow up. They are really a handsome group!

Cotton Field – Hodowanek

I love the cotton fields. I love watching families grow and capturing these special moments for them. The Hodowanek family is such a beautiful family and Jaxson loved running through the fields! Sometimes it was hard to catch him, and sometimes you just have to let them do their thing!

Outside the Box photoshoot…

Sometimes I get an idea in my head and look for that special person to fill the spot. Well…I met this beautiful and unique person and I said…she’s the one! I asked her if she would indulge me in a special photoshoot in downtown Columbia. She said YES and we were off. I am grateful for her willingness to take off with my vision! Garrett was a big help carrying the bags as we trotted downtown and changed outfits. I now have two new great friends and I know we will do more sessions in the future! Here are some of my favorites.

Random Model Shoot- Ali

About once a year I choose a random stranger that has just the right look that I want to photograph. Miss Ali said yes and did not disapoint as we walked downtown Columbia looking for just the right spots to capture her unique look. We had such a great time and I know we will have more sessions in the future! More to come…follow our page on FB and our blog at