LMBK Pictures – Day 3


Today was another busy day with two 3K classes, one 5K class along with a private afternoon session with a beautiful family.  Blue frog starting chanting “Blue Frog Blue Frog what do you see, I see (name of child) looking at me”.   Blue Frog was the real hit with his chant, his tricks, and a “ribbitt” every now and then.

We saw some “old” friends from last year in the 5K class.  They were pros at posing!  The girls loved the sunflowers and looked intensely for the “butterfly” that was supposed to be inside!  The boys loved the real apples, even had one take a bite!  A few of the kids tried to balance an apple on their heads, I’m not sure where they picked that up….?  One more day on Thursday with classes and make-up day scheduled.

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